Spring Cleaning?

It’s time for spring cleaning and that leads me to think about homes which are ready to sell and those which are not.

There is nothing like walking into a home for sale that’s fresh, bright, clean, and looking good. Of course, the opposite is true too. It is highly unmotivating for buyers to walk through the house and not be able to study it because it’s cluttered, dirty, and you can hardly see out the windows. I have seen many a buyer who will overlook a better deal just because the house was cluttered, dirty, or uncared for. Curb appeal is a must, both inside and out. With these thoughts in mind, here are a few tips.

Tidy up. The less cluttered a house is the more open it feels. I have been in 30’x20′ rooms that felt like they had less space than 15’x15′ room on the next house, just because of clutter.

Clean windows, and screens go a long way. Windows give a much better appearance when clean and really dull up the room when dirty. If you have torn screens it’s worth the minimal cost to replace or repair them.

Insect nests can be a real detractor. It makes the home appear to be neglected and makes potential buyers feel very uneasy about being stung and wondering what could be in the attic and walls.

Make sure you have been replacing your filters, and if you have missed a few replacements make sure you have fresh filters and have wiped the air vents and ceiling fans. Most people don’t look up in their own home, but when a potential buyer is looking at a house a dirty air vent can be a big turn off.

A little “ROUNDUP” goes a long way. Cleaning up the cracks in the side walk and giving a nice edge to the fence lines, etc give the house a nice finished look.

Finally and most importantly if you have the opportunity to touch up or even repaint all or sections of you home then take advantage of it. Fresh paint gives a home that “new home smell” and really brightens up a room compared to a marked up wall.