Seguin homes for sale and it’s a great time to buy

Seguin homes for sale, and it’s a good time to buy.  At least that is what most Americans believe.  I read an article in Realty Times by Broderick Perkins that said “most Americans believe the housing market has hit the bottom and that it’s a good time to buy, in part because many also think rents will rise faster than home prices.

Fannie Mae’s latest nation housing survey found that 70 percent of Americans think it’s a good time to buy a home, up from 64 percent in January.

By an overwhelming majority, 78 percent, also believe home prices will either hold steady or increase over the next year, compared to 85 percent believing the same thing about rental increases.

While Americans expect rents to rise by 3.6 percent on average, home prices are expected to turn up only by 0.9 percent, Fannie Mae found.

“Given the remaining level of shadow inventory, as well as the high number of adjustable rate resets still looming which could in turn lead to further defaults, it is difficult to see the supply of housing falling in an amount sufficient to move prices upwards in many parts of the country,” said Nancy Osborne, chief operating officer of, a Santa Clara, CA-based financial information publisher and interest rate tracker.

Also 67 percent believe housing is a safe investment, down three points since January and down 16 percentage points from a similar 2003 survey and the largest drop by far among all investment types tracked since then. Housing ranked second behind putting money into a savings or money market account (76 percent).

“Our survey shows that consumers see a mixed outlook for housing and homeownership,” said Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae’s vice president and chief economist.

“These findings indicate a return to a more balanced and realistic approach toward housing. While this will likely weigh on the housing recovery in the near-term, it should, over time, help to build a stronger and healthier market focused on sustainable homeownership,” he added.

The Fannie Mae National Housing Survey polled homeowners and renters between June 2010 and July 2010 and compared the findings to similar surveys released earlier this year and 2003.

The survey also found:

• Mortgage borrowers (74 percent) and underwater borrowers (69 percent) are more likely to say owning a home is a safe investment than delinquent borrowers (57 percent) and renters (54 percent). However, this measure has fallen among all sub-groups since January, with delinquent borrowers and renters showing the largest declines, down eight and seven points, respectively.

• More than 70 percent of all respondents believe it will be harder for the next generation to buy a home, up three points from the beginning of the year.

• Fifty-four percent think it would be very difficult or somewhat difficult to get a home loan today, down six points since January.

• Thirty-three percent of all Americans said they would be more likely to rent rather than buy if they were going to move, up from 30 percent in January.

• Among renters, 60 percent said they would rent again if they were to move, up from 54 percent in January. However, 69 percent of renters think it makes more sense to buy a home than to rent.

• Mortgage borrowers (83 percent) and underwater borrowers (77 percent) remain bullish on housing and said they are more likely to buy in the future than rent — both groups increased two points from January.

“If you couple this (high inventories and rate resets) with the reality that it is far more difficult to obtain a mortgage as well as a job, when selling a home to someone who presumably needs financing to buy it, housing is still facing a conundrum.” Osborne added.”

Real Estate Investment with your IRA

I was speaking with a friend about IRA’s and the topic came up about investing in Real Estate and not just stocks. They didn’t believe me at first, and so I realized this was a perfect topic to blog about. A little know fact is that with a little help you can set up a self directed IRA and an LLC and you can take complete control of your IRA / 401k or other qualified retirement plan and invest in Real Estate!  (Consult with an attorney or the TX Sec of State’s Office regarding forming an LLC and consult with your accountant or CPA regarding an IRA.)

With a self directed IRA, you direct where your IRA invests. For example, with a self directed IRA you can buy a real estate investment property. However, although a self directed IRA expands the number of investment choices available to you, it still has several limitations that you need to know about, and you have a custodian that all transactions are passed through. However there is another lesser known process by which you create an LLC, fully managed by you and you can have complete check writing control of your own IRA. Now don’t get me wrong I am not anti-IRA custodians. It’s just if you In fact, even after you become truly self-directed; you will still have a competent IRA custodian for your IRA account.

There are several limitations related to a run-of-the-mill self directed IRA (An IRA that is NOT Truly Self Directed):

1st – You are have to go through the IRA custodian any time you need to make an investment. In other words, when you run across the deal of a lifetime, you have to ask the custodian’s permission and run the opportunity through their process and in the real world of buying investment property; this does not work too well. In fact many investors have lost opportunities over these types of delays.

With an LLC run IRA you can invest at the moment your ready to make your investment. No custodial process to slow down your investments.

2nd – There are custodial fees. With most custodians, you pay every time a transaction is made, and fees may be assessed on your profits thus lowering your rate of return. In fact custodians may even assess fees to your account just to hold your money.

With an LLC run IRA you will be able retain as much of your money as possible. To move forward with setting up your own LLC run self directed IRA I recommend you get with a professional but isn’t the idea of mixing some real estate into your retirement plans exciting?

Best of Luck!