Cleaning Checklist to Help Sell Your Home

Nothing helps a home show its good points like a thorough housecleaning. I hope this is a helpful checklist to make your home shine!
• Clean all walls of smudges, stains and fingerprints
• Repair any chipped plaster
• Clean wallpaper and wax any woodwork
• Launder curtains and drapes
• Clean mini blinds
• Vacuum and shampoo rugs and carpets
• Repair any worn spots on carpeting, or pull up and replace with area rugs
• Mop and wax floors
• Dust and polish furniture
• Repair and stain furniture nicks or scratches
• Repair loose doorknobs, sticking doors, windows and drawers
• Fix leaky faucets
• Replace all light bulbs; make sure all light fixtures are in good working order
• Clean all light fixtures
• Replace switch plates that are cracked or discolored
• Polish and shine any brass hardware
• Clean all glass and mirrors
• Tighten banister railings, if necessary
• Clean ceiling fans and make sure they are in good working order
• Clean the fireplace and polish the fireplace tools
• Clean all appliances in the kitchen and elsewhere
• Remove water stains, soap buildup and mildew, where necessary
• Clean the toilets; tighten the toilet seat if needed
• Wash shower curtains
• Re-caulk and repair grouting (or re-grout) where necessary
• Remove rust stains, mildew and water stains
Eliminate clutter and organize closets, shelves and drawers to create space
• Remove unhealthy plants
• Take out the trash
• Disguise any household odors

In general, if it is dirty, clean it; if it is broken, fix it; if it is noisy, silence it; if it is not working, repair it.

In many cases, you may want to consider calling a maid service and asking them to do a one-time “make-ready.” I would be happy to refer you to an excellent crew that is trustworthy and will really work hard to show the best features of your home.  Remember, a buyer is going to look in your closets, open drawers, and want to imagine their furniture and decor in the home.  After it is clean and shining, don’t forget to make it smell pretty with pleasant candles, plug-ins, etc.

I totally understand how much work it is. . .I have lots of critters and kids running in and out of my home!  Working with buyers, I see their expressions when a home is cluttered, personalized, and dirty.  Most can’t see the potential.   Your hard work will pay off.–Katie

Corner Post Real Estate Welcomes Terry Mendicino!

I would like to personally welcome Terry Mendicino to Corner Post Real Estate, LLC.  She is a compasionate, hardworking woman with an interesting background.  She has lived in Oregan, Terry Mendicino Real Estatetrained Border Collies, and managed a sales team with Mary Kay.  Terry has really embraced technology in Real Estate, and is equiped and ready to serve you.  Are you buying or selling?  Call, text, or email Terry:  830-765-0346


We will miss Edmund Kuempel

Thursday Rep. Edmund Kuempel passed away of a heart attack. Kuempel, who would have been 68 later this month, he was cheerful giant with a kind word for everyone. He was first elected to the House in 1982 and ever since has dedicated himself to our community and this state. Kuempel was a salesman by trade and a graduate of Austin’s Stephen F. Austin High and Texas Lutheran University (College at the time). He had always been a avid supporter of Seguin and the surrounding communities, and often spoke to the Seguin Board of Realtors and was the guest speaker at our annual banquet for the past two years. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.