Month: June 2013

June 19, 2013

Keeping Everyone’s Options Open. . .What is an Option Period?

Keeping everyone’s options open Did you know there’s an “undo” button for buyers in a real estate contract? Well, it’s not really a button, but there is a clause in sales contracts that allows buyers to cancel the whole deal, legally undoing the real estate contract. Paragraph 23 in the Texas Real Estate Commission residential […]

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June 14, 2013

4 Most Frequent Questions from First-Time Homebuyers Answered

If you’re thinking of buying your first home, you’ve undoubtedly got questions about how to get started and what the process entails. Here are answers to four common first-time homebuyer questions to help you make informed decisions. 1. Is it the right time for me to buy? You might hear conflicting ideas about whether or […]

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June 5, 2013

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Make Buyers Think Your House is Bigger

You can’t change when or where your house was built. And unless you want to spend a lot of money that you’ll never recoup in a sale, now’s not the time to knock down walls or build an addition. But there are ways to make your rooms look bigger, and I recommend that you try […]

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