Real Estate data! What does it mean????

Well spring is here and we are so blessed to be asked to help people with their real estate needs. As we continue embrace and use data as a society; it seems all industries are posting clumps of data but many times we still need to know what it really means and how it can continue to help us.

This article was posted on TAR website 3/20/2015

Real estate data is everywhere, but what does it mean?

03/20/2015 | Author: Marty Kramer

We are swimming in data these days.

In real estate, you can find statistics, trends, and numerical predictions on home sales prices, foreclosure rates, housing inventory, commercial real estate absorption rates, mortgage activity, prices per square foot, the value of remodeling projects, and more.

But what do you do with all this information? Are the sources reliable and up-to-date? If the numbers are for your region (or state, city, or ZIP code), do they translate to your neighborhood, that street in that neighborhood, and that exact property on that street in that neighborhood?

Most important of all, what do all those statistics mean to you if you’re getting ready to buy, sell, or lease a home or commercial property?

It’s one thing to look at numbers on a website—quite another to do business in the actual world of real estate. A Texas REALTOR® lives those numbers day in and day out and knows how the data relate to actual properties and real world negotiations. So digest all the real estate data you can find. Then hire a Texas REALTOR® to help you sort it all out and achieve your goals.