Seguin is booming!

Seguin is booming! The Seguin Daily News just had a great article about some of the exciting things happening, including improvements to our infrastructure.

Some of the projects planned include retail expansion, streets and new sidewalks. There are some great quality of life projects planned as well, including the upcoming public library and the recently completed community park. According to a recent article by the Seguin Daily News team, more than $100 million is being invested in these exciting projects by the City of Seguin!

The Texas Department of Transportation is planning a major project on North Austin Street from Interstate 10 by the Home Depot all the way to the rail road tracks. The plans include a continuous center turn lane with a lane for traffic in either direction, a bike lane, and a sidewalk as well. This is expected to begin in April and will bring some necessary updates to traffic flow and patterns on Austin Street. Sidewalk projects are planned for other areas of Seguin as well, including Cedar Street, College Street, and Jefferson Avenue.

Construction has begun for the new utilities operation center for the City of Seguin as well – to be located on Strempel Road close to the new Tractor Supply Distribution Center. The center will be $14 million dollars and will include office space as well as warehouse buildings. This building will replace the out of date and in bad repair building located on Fred Byrd Drive. The building will house 16,000 square feet of offices and 35,000 square feet of warehouse space. The city expects the building to be completed by January of 2017.

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4 Expenses Homebuyers Should Keep in Mind

01/29/2016 | Author: Jaime Lee from Texas Association of Realtors

“When starting your house hunt online, you’ll see that most real estate websites let you search by price range. But a real estate purchase will cost you more than just the sale price. Here are four costs you’ll want to consider before submitting an offer.
1.Downpayment Some lenders require borrowers to pay up to 20% of the loan at closing. It may take a while to save up that much, but paying a chunk of your loan up front will lower your monthly payment.
2.Mortgage insurance If you don’t pay at least 20% of the purchase price as a downpayment, your lender will probably require you to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) that protects the lender if you default on the loan.
3.Closing costs Buyers and sellers can negotiate how much each party pays at closing. Unless the seller agrees to pay all of the closing costs, you’ll be responsible for paying a portion of these fees.
4.Monthly payment Your payments will cover principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. You may have other recurring expenses, such as HOA dues and home maintenance, to factor into your budget.

When you’re ready to become a homeowner, contact a Texas REALTOR® to determine how much you can realistically afford and which costs you can negotiate. ”

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Katie Clark