Update on Lakes and GBRA

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority won’t be draining its 4 remaining lakes on the Guadalupe River, but all recreation on the water will soon be banned. This is a temporary ban possibly, with more details to follow.

On Monday it was agreed that lakes McQueeney, Placid, Meadow and Gonzales will stay full for at least the next year. But starting Thursday, no one will be allowed to use them for any reason. This will be a monitored situation by local law enforcement.

A panel of three experts will then determine whether the lakes are safe to reopen any sections. The panel will include one expert selected by GBRA, one selected by the property owners that sued GBRA and those two experts will select the third. The panel is expected to take 30 days and possibly up to 60 to determine any safe sections of the lakes for use.

This has been a situation that was highly emotional for many as the possibility of the impact on property values, the local economy and the ecosystem was called into question.

Melissa Trost is the Chair of the Seguin – Guadalupe County Governmental Affairs Subcommittee and is continuing to be part of this situation and rendering information and support as able. The Four Rivers Association of REALTORS supported a resolution requesting the lakes not be drained without a solid plan in place and a timeline for moving forward. Texas REALTORS are adamant in protecting private property rights and we will continue to monitor this situation and be involved at a local level.

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