Hydro Dam Repair Update

GBRA is continuing the repairs on the McQueeney Dam on Lake McQueeney, Nolte Dam on Meadow Lake, H4 Dam on Lake Gonzales, and the TP-4 Dam on Lake Placid.

They currently anticipate repairs to continue through the Fall of 2019 with the lake elevations impacted through the recreational season. Recent heavy rains delayed the work and flood releases from Canyon Dam identified additional needed repairs.

If you are interested in buying or selling waterfront property now is the time! As the weather warms up we have more and more calls about waterfront homes and land. Give us a call today for a free market analysis of your property!

To Stage or Not to Stage…

Thinking of Selling? Have your house Listed? Staging a home is recommended by Realtors often; some clients choose to and some don’t. Does it help? Here is an article posted by NAR on the Texas Association of Realtors on February 16, 2015…you decide…

Does Staging make a home sell for more?

01/29/2015 | Author: Editorial Staff

If you want to increase the price that buyers offer for your listing, staging the property might be the way to do it. According to NAR’s recently released 2015 Profile of Home Staging report, 32% of buyer agents surveyed said staging a home can increase the amount buyers are willing to offer by 1% to 5%. Sixteen percent said it could increase offer prices by 6% to 10%.

According to the report, the median dollar value to stage a home is $675, and 62% of seller agents offer the service to their sellers. If you want to give staging a shot, but do it on a budget, start with these five tips:
1.Try a theme for each room, like a reading nook or movie theater.
2.Remove personal items so buyers can picture themselves in the home.
3.Rework items a homeowner already has rather than making new purchases. This could be as simple as rearranging the furniture to highlight a room’s feature, or using old frames to display new artwork.
4.Paint the walls neutral colors.
5.Get a third party to suggest changes if you’re concerned about a seller having a negative reaction to your ideas.

Don’t Keep an Empty Home Empty

I thought the best advice from the August Realtor Magazine for Sellers was:Don’t keep an empty home empty. Buyers can struggle in picturing themselves moving in if a home is left empty. Vacant homes can feel cold and rooms can look smaller than they really are. That’s why builders spend thousands of dollars staging model homes. If your listing is vacant, consider staging it to bring in furniture and accessories to help define the various rooms functions. One lady wrote in to the editor: “That is exactly why our first home has all our furniture and we at off a card table! If you own two homes, don’t leave your first vacant. It just invites lowballs!”