Seguin ISD Teachers STAAR Video

Some Seguin ISD teachers went above and beyond to try and get students jazzed up and ready to take the STAAR testing. ┬áThe video was done by some teachers at Seguin ISD Rodriguez Elementary School and is a┬áparody of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.

Lyrics like “I got this knowledge inside my head gonna use it when I pass the STAAR Test” have helped the dancing and singing teachers highlight the important aspects of kids doing their best on the state mandated test.

Rodriguez Principal Allison Seidenberger says each year, the staff pulls together something to help motivate the kids. However, this year, she says the staff has no doubt released one of its best projects yet.

“Our PBIS Committee which is Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is always looking for opportunities to share positive energy throughout the campus and so one of those initiatives is to continue to show that all of the grade levels are behind our kiddos as they go into STAAR assessments or any big task that they undertake. One of the initiatives coming out of our PBIS committee was to create some kind of motivational either performance or a skit and we’ve done this every year, but this year, Ms. (Kim) Erlanson one of our first grade teachers, very creative, has lots of great ideas — she kind of around the same time as Mr. (Joseph) Cantu, our very talented music teacher, they kind of had the same brain child of hey, let’s create this video that shows our teachers singing and it’s our actual teachers — that’s them singing and their voices and then he wrote the words to the songs and then Ms. Erlanson recruited everybody. The footage that you see in the video was actually filmed the first Saturday of Spring Break. So these teachers, not only did they work to learn and rehearse and practice, but they also gave up on their own time of Spring Break to come up and film the footage that you see in the video,” said Seidenberger.

We wish all of the students taking the STAAR test the best of luck!

Click below to see the video!