Sidewalks coming to Seguin

According to a new article recently in the local daily news, Seguin City Council recently approved almost $1 million for a contract to a construction company to build a large sidewalk close to the new Park West on the West side of town.

Jack Jones, Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Seguin, was quoted as saying “We’re excited to get folks who are walking in the middle of the road to get to Park West off of North Vaughan Avenue and San Antonio Avenue — to get them safely to Park West, get them on the sidewalk.  On the roads from North Vaughan and San Antonio, it’s about one mile in total length and then within the park itself going on the east side of Park West, it’s going to be about a mile in length. Construction should start in a couple of months. So we’re hoping by May of 2018 the project will be completed.”

The project is partially funded by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  This oversees and distributes funds for transportation projects and Seguin has several other projects that have been partially funded by the MPO.  These include Tor Drive, Rudeloff Road and the expansion of the Walnut Springs Hike and Bike Trail to Max Starcke Park.

Each of these projects are part of the plan Seguin has to increase walkability for the community and to encourage residents and visitors to Seguin to enjoy the parks and recreation opportunities in beautiful Seguin!